Tell Me A Story

Music videos are not widely regarded for its storytelling. But I have found it fertile ground for narrative storytelling. I've told all kinds stories, from romance to thriller. The music provides a topic and a mood. I build a story that feels as though it is part of the song.

Regardless of time constraints or medium, be it commercial, music video or feature film the rules of story telling always apply. The stories are intelligent, detailed, and well structured. First act: establish the world, second act: conflict, third act: resolution. Developing characters that the audience connects with and care about. Creating a piece that leaves the audience feeling satisfied and entertained.



Rhythm city is a special project. Bigger than a music video. Smaller than a movie. Three full length music videos forming one short film, or a Mini Musical Movie as I like to call it. Three songs together telling one story. Each song is an act in the story telling.

The mini musical movie tells the story of Ushers as a playboy singer living the life of commitment free fun. He meets the beautiful Asia and is seduced. Unknown to him Asia is a thief of men's riches. Asia makes off with Usher's diamond chain. Usher chases and looses her. Asia then robs dangerous gangster Mr. Man. Mr Man also goes on the hunt for Asia. When Asia is caught by Mr. Man, Usher must decide if he will save the woman robbed him of his jewellery and his heart.

G UNIT - Poppin Dem Thangs


8 Chairs alone in a warehouse. The large doors open, 8 cars drive in, each parking behind a chair. The car doors open and outstep the crime bosses of the underworld. The have come together to solve the problems 50 Cent and the G Unit have been causing. The Don's tell 50 he's shaking things up, causing too much attention with his new way of doing business. They don't like him and demand obedience. 50 tell them that they are old men who have neglected the streets, from now on he's to get piece of all the action. the gangsters protest. 50's street army arrives. The crime lords see it 50's way.

R. KELLY featuring USHER - Same Girl


R. Kelly calls his friend Usher to tell him about new girl. R' may be in love. He describes his girl to Usher. Usher thinks R's girl sounds a lot like his girl. The two realise that they are messing with the same girl. The are devastated, this girl was R's future wife, and the apple of Usher's eye. Something must be done.

R flies to Atlanta. Ush Picks him up from the airport. They discuss where they met the girl. The things she said. They make a pact and devise a plan. They set a trap to confront her. Usher will meet her for dinner: R will be there too. When she sees them she won't know what to do. They spring their trap. But bring her twin sister along. The guys realise their mistake.

It's not the same girl.

Beauty: Women

When They are stepping out to sing a song to millions of people around the world on television, they want to look their best

It's the director's job to make that happen.

It's a combination of lighting, hair, make-up, styling, body posture, performance and a little puch to be the best they can be.


Who's That Girl?'


In 2004 XXL Magazine called me the "Hugh Hefner of music visuals". I have put a lot of beautiful women in a lot of music videos and discovered a lot of new faces. some of them going on to be celebrities in their own right. Melyssa Ford on the right being the biggest of them all.

When making a music video with a female lead the ultimate compliment is when a person approches me and asks "Yo, Who's that girl?"


Who's The Man?'


I've done a lot of videos for male artists.

cleaning up the dirty ones. Hardening up the soft ones.

Surrounding a man with expensive cars, clothes, jewellery and beautiful woman will make him look better. A real man exudes manly power with or without these things

As a director I push these man to be the greatest version of themselves they can be...

and then surround them with car, clothes, jewellery and beautiful women.