Cars: Varooooom!!


I like cars.

I like driving fast

Ten years driving in New York City and a quick lesson from a presicion driver changed my driving style for life. A reckless driving charge and arrest warrant later, I've learned that LAPD doesn't appreciate my style of driving.

When you make commercials and music videos you have to film cars at some point.

I've driven cars off a cliffs, raced them through the city, shot them on art directed sets. I'vecovered alot of ground with these machines.


Few things compare to taking a car and pushing its limits on the winding raod or empty high way. Except for hitting those roads with a precision driver operated camera car and a precision driver operated picture car. A little cinematic immunity and are tearing up the road and capturing it all on film.

Dance Baby Dance


Dance has great power. It affects something primal in people. It can make a man more masculine and a woman more feminine. It really is one of the most powerful tools we have in entertainment. People love it. They love to do it, they love to watch it. When there is dancing the people engage deeper, they pay more attention, they enjoy the experience more.

Personally, I love dance. If we are ever in the same night club you could probably find me dancing with a girl somewhere. If you look closely I'm dancing with a couple girls on this very page.

I enjoy the process of building a routine with a choreographer and the dancers. I push for more than the standard to create work that steps things up to the next level. I love to see a dance that rethinks the normand does things no one expected. New movements, new steps, and new formations, new stories that take the art to new frontiers.


Fight Fight


while my sister took dance lessons I was taking Tae Kwon-do. Now some of you fight nerds may be thinking "Tae Kwon-do"sucks to that I say "Fuck you punk! Come see me and we'll see who and what fucking sucks!" ... anyways.

I love and respect all of the fighting arts. From striking to grappling and the weapons disciplines I am a fan. Any time I am around a martial artist I take a little bit of knowledge from them. I enjoy a good sparring session in my free time to test out and practice these things I've learnt. Some guys like throwing a ball around. I enjoy punching people in the face. I'm the red masked fighter below.


Shooting fight scenes doesn't happen that much as much as I would like, so it's always a nice treat when it happens. I still haven't had the time to shoot scenes completely the I would like to. the ones I have filmed have been a few hours of a shoot day.

A good fight scene can get the blood boiling. Make you want to get violent. Just looking at these pictures is getting me worked up. I'm going to punch someone.



New Media: "Tea Party" SMIRNOFF 2006


Smirnoff wanted to do something for the world wide web to get their product into the new world of viral internet marketing. A place where advertising goes beyond 30 seconds.

But this was new territory. What to do? The BBH agency had an idea. Rich Anglo-Saxon country club white kids rapping about their streets. They kept it real with the preppy clothes, rich parents, finger food, tennis homies on lock for insider trading. These new england gangsters favourite drink; Smirnoff Raw Tea.

The spot is hilarious and launched on the internet to rave reviews from the advertising and business worlds, and the people loved. They sent it to their friends, made their own versions. true viral video. It was the model of how to do it right. Many commercial productions did stories on it, along with main stream media, CNN did a special segment on one of its business shows.

A great spot that broke new ground, explored new territory, and gets mentioned on many conference calls and pitch meetings by agencies and clients. Youtube it.


LIVE SHOWS: director

DESTRA, NE-YO, SEAN PAUL,Caribana Music Festival 2007


2007. Toronto's caribbean carnival; Carinanna launched its music festival in honour of it's 40th anniversary.

They partnered with BET and I came into direct.

The concept featured soca music star Destra, R&B sining songwriting sensation Ne YO, and reggae's super star Sean Paul.

I Directed from a control station on a head set with 5 cameras in the field shooting.

A lot of fun to do.

I enjoyed the live show shoots. No cutting, no redoing. Just capturing energy and framing pretty pictures.