Music Videos: director


An internship in television at the "Nation's music station" MuchMusic in Canada shifted my interest from illustrations to music video. I finished school and got an internship in New York City at Big Dog Films under the eye of director Hype Williams. Hype was doing the work that was changing the world. Hip Hop shinned with his direction, new stars were born.The world took notice. I was there drawing storyboards.


During my internship, and storyboard artist time as Big Dog I focused on learning filmmaking. I read every book I could get my hands on. At the same time I was building relationships with Hype's clients. First running packages to their office, later as "Hype's storyboard guy". It was hip hop and R&B labels Def Jam Records an Bad Boy Records that gave me my first few shot and eventually my break.


Music videos give the most freedom to the director of all the motion picture arts. The director if left to work freely. They create the concept and see it through to the end. I take that freedom and run. I am very with art direction, lighting, wardrobe, make-up, hair, pre-production, and post production. I et my team work and guide the process, all the while correcting to my vision and pushing for excellence.


Music video is street ball. It moves fast with less money, less rules, less time and lots of passion. I use my street name i make it: Director X. Music video's are street. This is where you will learn the new dance, see the new fashion and the new ways. It's the voice of the people.


Commercials: director


Coming form music video on streets to commercial corporate has been interesting. In music videos the concept and the creative approval process is me. Once the label has approved a concept the sand box is the director;s to do with as they please. Not the case with commercials. The idea is brought to you by an agency. It's now making the agency's vision come to life. I gonna birth their baby into the real world.

If music videos are street ball the commercials are college ball. There are new rules to play by, lots of players, and a shot clock; 30 seconds.

Commercial's range of topics and ideas are refreshing to me. The creativity is held in high esteem, the industry self-respect is healthy, the bar is raised. It's fun and challenging work.

I once believed the commercial was about the product. I found that the commercials is really about the creative; the entertainment. The product is hitching a ride.

Director X

Feature Film: 2nd unit director

It's a dance movie with heart.

Raya is a gifted student as tan expensive private school. Her older sister's drug related death drains her family of the cash needed to send her there. Raya's perfect plan for the future and derailed. She comes home to her crime ridden neighbourhood with a mind set on returning to her private school and a better future. She learns that there is big money to be made in dance competitions. If she joins a crew and wins the prize money she could be on her way back to higher education and a better life. As she gets caught up in her desire to win and escape, she struggles not only to win and escape she struggles not only with her new life, old friends and parents, but with her new life, old friends but with her biggest battle- herself. There's only a romantic interest and character driven story in her way.

I worked closely with the movie's director, producers, choreographers and studio to create their new final dance number. From music to choreography, to wardrobe and camera work I pushed it hard to be hot. While resolving a story points with the characters and embodying personal growth for the lead. Everything moves the story forward, even the big dance number.

I enjoyed the process. The studio meetings, pre-production, shoot and edit were all great times.

A new thing from a music video and commercials. If music videos are street ball, commercials are college, the movies are the NBA.

Director: Ian Iqbal Rashid